Commercial Electrical Services

Maintenance and Services

At Robles Electric, we pride ourselves in meeting our Customers’ every need by providing solid, lasting support. Our Service Response Teams have been established to support our Customers through the service and maintenance their facilities require. We offer the best IBEW-trained and certified commercial electrical contractors at competitive hourly rates with extensive experience in all types of facilities and in all scopes of work.

Commercial Electrical service and maintenance contracting have been at the core of Robles Electrics’ business activities. As we transitioned over the years into the new construction market, we never lost sight of our focus on providing long-term service and maintenance at a personalized level. We are also a certified Utility Trade Ally with TEP.

Preventative Maintenance

Diagnostic Services

Lamp and ballast replacement

Thermal Imaging/Infrared Testing

Low Voltage, Tele/Data Network services

Tenant Improvements

Electrical Moves, Adds and Changes Services

Motor Control and Design

DE energized maintenance services to Electrical gear

New LED Lighting upgrades and Lighting maintenance

Power Quality Surveys

Solar Maintenance and Repairs

New Electrical Design Services

MPTS Systems for your Business

If your business consumes a massive amount of energy, every penny counts. Wouldn’t it be great if you could stop wasting energy and only pay for what you’re actually using? An MPTS installation may be exactly what you’re looking for and Robles Electric Solutions is the commercial electrical contractor you can rely on!

Tenant Improvements

Panel Upgrades

The sub-panel is where your breaker resides. Older homes or complex’s may have severely outdated sub-panels with unsafe set-up’s. Sometimes these panels are just messy and unorganized, we can clean this up for you and update your home’s electrical system.

Custom Lighting

Retail space especially needs to have proper lighting for customers to feel comfortable. Custom lighting allows you to create an ambiance and aesthetic that matches your brand and style.

Video Security Systems

You can never be too careful when it comes to your business. Video Security Systems are an effective way to monitor your property and even prevent theft before it even happens.

Preventative Maintenance

Your businesses electrical components should be checked bi-annually or quarterly by a professional to ensure your business, employees, and customers are always safe.

Solar Integration

Take advantage of all that sunshine we get here in Tucson and save some money! Solar allows you to control your utility cost and upgrade the value of your property at the same time.

Television & Display Mounting

These days people are visual. They need to see things on a screen because it is a familiar way to take information in. Incorporate digital signage in your store or mount some televisions in your space to bring in the masses.
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Robles Electric Solutions understands your business is constantly developing. The space you have today may not necessarily be the space you need tomorrow and your electric needs change and scale accordingly.

New office spaces rarely cater to your business’ specific needs. Customization is always a popular request and Robles Electric Solutions is here to help.

If your office space is need of an upgrade, give us a shout!

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